A future Concept for a kitchen in 2025

A future Concept for a kitchen in 2025

My final Bachelor thesis was centered around finding a new approach of Human-Computer-Interaction inside the kitchen . My idea was to integrate micro animations into an user interface, to create a more intuitive experience, thereby instilling a deeper understanding of what’s going on. The key goal of my thesis was to familiarize myself with cutting edge digital products and coupling this knowledge with research to forecast how society, technology and design trends will evolve over the course of the next ten years.  A natural move then was to bring the advantages of digital products and apply those concepts to large home settings, such as a kitchen. Micro animations are used to encourage feedback and draw the user’s attention to areas with the most critical need or greatest value in return.


The “next big thing” that has commanded a lot of attention lately is the so-called “Internet of Things”. It is suggested that this concept will fundamentally change our society in much the same way as the internet has over the past decade. Innovative companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google envision a future in which digital products are integrated with every aspect of our every day lives. Their products will be based upon hand or body gestures, proximity awareness, and touch/voice commands. However if we consider how our society is rapidly changing and becoming more and more integrated with technology – I believe that the time has come for a conversation about future interfaces and how best to integrate the two concepts.  My approach is based on the idea that using any digital device should involve the user in the most interactive way possible: to create a product that resonates with the user on an emotional level. This can be achieved by providing two-way feedback in a way that is not limited to the visual and auditory senses.

Haptic feedback, for example, is something that is often overlooked when considering the end user experience.  While our hands are extremely sensitive to touch/pressure and are, of course, supremely adept at object manipulation, the rest of the body could also be engaged. With an entire body interacting with the product interface, is it realistic to think that the future of technology/human interaction should be limited to a single finger?  Our goal should be nothing less than a full range dynamic medium that we can see, feel, and manipulate using everything that can possibly be used as a means of interaction!   Thinking differently and challenging assumptions are key components to my view of the future and the outcome of my Bachelor Project.

Check out my Case Video below to see my vision of our future kitchen.